Now is our 31st year!

Our Associations


The Young Inventors Showcase was started in 1988 by the Houston Inventors Association (HIA). The HIA itself was started by a conference held at the University of Houston’s Hilton Hotel conference in January, 1983. The conference was co-sponsored by the US Patent Office, and it concerned the recently passed (at the time) Small Business Innovations and Research (SBIR) act. The Patent Office specifically requested that an inventors program be started in Houston.

Media contact: Max Martin. phone: (832) 741-4244, email: 

Our History


The YIAA is a 501.c.3 organization formed in 2002. Its goal is to empower young inventors through a public/private partnership that, ultimately, actually funds the most commercially viable inventions. This “idea to market” is intended to be a self-sustaining economic engine. A copy of the whitepaper can be requested by emailing Max Martin at, or calling (832)741-4244.

Meeting of the Young Inventors Showcase Excellerators


  • Commercialization Partners - A gift of $500
  • Scholarship Partners - A gift of $200 
  • Benefactors - A gift of $100
  • Supporters - A gift $50
  • Perticipants - A gift of $20