YIAA Parent & Child Testimonials

Ian Hao Seng and Ing Le Seng – 4th Grade – 1st Place

“Through participating in the Houston Inventors Showcase, we have learned to recognize a problem, develop an idea and eventually build a solution to help fix the problem. It is indeed fulfilling to solve these problems and help society.”

“Through the process of inventing, we have discovered new and exciting ways of learning. It has encouraged us to work with others, to develop ideas and knowledge and to have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them in the process of improving our invention.  Inventing allows us to express ourselves in a manner that no examinations can.”  (The Seng’s are from Singapore)

Rupak Rauniar, Father of Amaani and Aashvi Raunier, 1st Prize winners in 1st Grade & 3rd Grade respectively

“Outside the routine class activities, participating and competing in Young Inventor’s showcase has been proven to be a fresh air for both of my children where they challenge themselves with imagination, creativity, and innovation. This is the second time my daughters have participated in this annual event. By exposing children to creative experiences, I must admit that the event provides these young innovators with a gift of a rich and memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression – all topped off with school and family support and lifetime learning that begins at the early stage”.  


Amaani Rauniar (1st Grade)
presents to a Judge


Aashvi Rauniar (3rd Grade)
receives 1st Place Award


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