Participating in the Young Inventors’ Showcase

Young Inventors Showcase

Application Process
In order for your invention to be considered for the 2015 27th Annual Young Inventors’ Showcase, your application including a photograph of your invention must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2015.
Use the check list included with your application to make sure that you have the following documents signed, dated and included with your

  • A completed application — signed and dated
  • A photo of your invention — make sure the photo clearly portrays your invention
  • A completed and signed media release form

Planning Your Time  Young Inventors Showcase

We suggest the following timeline may be a good standard to follow when planning to develop an invention:

Week 1: Brainstorm and research ideas, write a few thoughts about your idea and what
problem it will solve, and draw an initial sketch of your invention.

Week 2: Write your materials and tools list in your Inventor’s Log. Make sure you continue to enter all the information about your invention in your Inventor’s Log. Develop a budget for materials – remember, you don’t have to purchase a lot of expensive materials. Gather the materials and tools you will need.

Week 3: Use this week for building your first model

Week 4: Begin testing and revising your invention. As you make changes to your invention, make sure you record it in your Inventor’s Log.

Week 5: Finish testing and revising your invention, noting changes in your Inventor’s Log. Begin getting ready for the competition.

Week 6: Complete your invention and competition materials. Don’t forget to apply to the Young Inventors’ Showcase by April 15th!

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