Young Inventors Showcase

Before You Begin Inventing...
Begin an Inventor’s Log!

One of the most important tools used by inventors is the Inventor’s Log. It is a resource for writing down all information about the process by which you create your inventions. Using a bound notebook, or the example on the next page, make notes about what you do and learn while working on your invention. Write in ink and do not erase – even mistakes are all part of the process. Also, make sure to sign and date all entries. You may even want to have a parent or teacher sign them as a witness.

What goes into an Inventor’s Log? Basically, it should include anything relating to the invention(s) you create such as:

  • Ideas and how you came up with them
  • Thoughts or concerns about your ideas
  • Materials tested and used
  • Parts and where you got them plus costs
  • Research — both the facts and books, magazines, and/or websites where you find them
  • Diagrams, sketches, and drawings
  • Problems you encounter
  • How you solved problems you encountered
  • Data, charts, and graphs

Why keep an Inventor’s Log?

  • To keep track of all your thoughts and research, so if you forget something, you can easily go back and find it again
  • To prove when you came up with your ideas for your invention

So, go get your Inventor’s Log ready then press on with your inventing!

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