Judging Criteria and Procedures

It is very important that you stay with your invention during the judging period, as all inventions will be judged at least three times. If you are not with your invention and ready when the judges arrive at your table, your invention will not be judged. You will be judged on a point system of 100 possible points that are weighted to six topics:

  • The invention reflects original creative thought and provides evidence of no 
    similar product on the market.        Worth 35 points

  • The invention has practical value.         Worth 25 points
  • The Inventor's Log book accurately reflects the process through
    to the end result.          Worth 15 points

  • The inventor is enthusiastic about his/her invention.        Worth 10 points

  • The invention is well designed and constructed, made wise and creative use of 
    available materials     Worth 10 points

  • The inventor has promoted the invention with eye-catching
    and creative materials.         Worth 5 points

    Contest Rules and Regulations
  • The invention entered must be an original invention.
  • Teams of students are permitted, with a limit of 3 members on a team.
  • A student or team may enter only one invention.
  • The entered invention must be the work of the student or team entering the Showcase.
  • Completed project application forms must be on file with the Showcase coordinator the day of the Young Inventors’ Showcase.
  • Individuals or all team members must be at their project during all judging periods. All projects will be judged within the scheduled judging times.
  • Disruptive students will be disqualified from the Showcase.
  • Students are encouraged to provide judges with copies of a one page abstract or summary of their project. However, the material cannot identify the student, teacher, school or district.


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