Yound Inventors Showcase Excellerators

2015 Meeting of the Young Inventors Showcase Excellerators

Young Inventors Association of America

Funding & Commercialization Opportunities

50 Excellerators funding $1,000 each in each city

Excellerator will be involved in the following activities:

Definng funding programs that fit their city and relationships

Creating 3 to 5 person Teams that an Excellerator will lead who will look at the YIS Finalists and choose one to back in the commercialization of the student's idea.

Help source Corporate Sponsors who would be a major factor in the commercialization of YIS Inventions. Companies like PetSmart that could commit to purchase quantities of an invention and market them through their stores, as an example.

Volunteer their professional services (to a limit) such as CPSs, Attorneys, etc., to help a YIS startup get established.

Help develop business plans and secure capital for winning YIS ideas.

Some will serve on the YIAA Advisory Board in their city.

Commercialization Partners

Companies like PerSmart and HEB will commit to fund $5,000 annually, $2,000 of which will go to the YIS participant whose product the Commercialization Partner will commit to sell in its stores under agreeable pricing terms. We could also cut a deal with the Home Shopping Network to feature YIS inventions that they believe will sell.

Scholarship Partners

Companies and Individuals who will commit to fund a Scholarship Award for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners in each grade category. 1st Place - $3,000, 2nd Place - $2,000 and 3rd Place - $1,000. Scholarship Awards will be placed in the child's name in a YIA trust Fund, earning interest until the child enters post-high school education or turns 25 years of age.


Donors who gift $100 or more each year


Donors who gift less than $100 each year


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