Young Inventors Showcase

30th Annual Young Inventors’ Showcase of Houston
Saturday, May 19, 2018
The "University of Houston

Waiver and Release of Confidential Information


Please print the information of the Inventors’ Showcase participant:

Name: _________________________________________________     

Age: ___________     Grade level in school: ___________________

It is understood that the Young Inventors’ Showcase contestant (the Contestant) as named above will display and exhibit their invention at University of Houston on May 27th, 2017, and that certain technical, creative, and intellectual property may be viewed by the general public and judged by persons appointed by the University or the Young Inventors Association of America (“YIAA”.  It is expressly understood by the Contestant that such viewing by the general public and contest judges could result in information relating to the Contestant’s proprietary ideas, patentable ideas, copyrights, and/or trade secrets, existing and/or contemplated products and services, software, schematics, research and development, and production being copied or misused.

The University and YIAA are not responsible for any such misuse, duplication, or copyright infringement that may occur and Contestant will hold the University and YIAA harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and costs) associated with any claim or action brought against the University or YIAA by Contestant or any third party in connection to Contestant’s invention exhibition.

Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________     Date: _______________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________


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