30th Annual Young Inventors’
Showcase of Houston
Saturday, May 19, 2018
The "University of Houston


In partnership between the Young Inventors Association of America (YIAA) and the University of Houston, The Twenty-seventh Annual Young Inventors’ Showcase hosted over 100 of Houston’s brilliant young inventors in a display of ingenuity and creativity.  This annual contest allows children from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade to compete against their peers with their inventions and designs for a grand prize of an all-expense paid patent filing process, typically costing $5,000 or more.

This years contest featured young inventors from eighteen schools representing five school districts.  These contestants were judged by a team of inventors from the Houston Inventors’ Association (HIA) as well as many others from the professional world. This year’s winners were awarded with ribbons and medals and will be presented monetary awards.

This year’s outstanding showcase was due to the partnership between the " and the YIAA.  The University of Houston’s Wolff Center Of Entrepreneurship and the C.T. Bauer College of Business opened up their doors to host the largest showcase yet held.   The YIAA created and produced flyers and applications for the event, notified schools, teachers and community partners of the event, and worked to provide judges for local schools’ invention convention contests. Iris Story, YIAA program director, handled the event’s logistical issues, gathered judging and volunteer teams for the contest and organized exciting entertainment for the inventors and their parents.

We are looking forward to the 30th Annual Young Inventors Showcase of Houston and will be busy recruiting new public schools, teachers, home-schools, private schools, community partners, and additional judges to accommodate an even larger number of contestants.
This year’s winners are as follows:

Young Inventors Showcase

Special thanks to all of you for an amazing event today.  Our young and enthusiastic inventors did a wonderful job demonstrating their talents and creativity. We are looking forward to cultivating their continued success through events sponsored by YIAA & HIA. If you would like to receive updates and program information regarding entrepreneurial (invention process) and investigative (forensic) opportunities, please respond to this email. Through our Pledge-Cents campaign we are planning new exciting opportunities for our K-8th grade students this fall.   

We would like to acknowledge our winners:

K-2 Category

1st Place Award- Justin M., " Stay In Place Shoe"
2nd Place Award- Rocket R., "Pack n' Go Art"  
3rd Place Award- Leo Henry T., " WEC- Waker Electric Car"

3-4 Category

1st Place Award- Sophia W. & Sophia H., " My Binder"
2nd Place Award- Amanda H., " Rainbow Snaps"
3rd Place Award - Aidan L., " Pickaba"

5-8 Category

1st Place Award- Richard P., " Mailbox Text Alert"
2nd Place Award- Luke K., " The Zips'em Up"
3rd Place Award- Olivia Kate S., "2 Cool"

Young Inventors Showcase

Grand Prize Winner

4th grader- Sydney M., "Easy Pill"

Also pictured YIS Chairman, Max Martin, left and
Fran Goundry, YIS Program Director, right.



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