Young Inventors Showcase

Young Inventors
Association of America
Presents the      
30th Annual
Young Inventors’

2018 Showcase of Houston


Young Inventors Showcase
Young Inventors Showcase
Young Inventors Showcase

The Young Inventors Association of America (YIAA) presents the …
30th Annual Young Inventors’ Showcase of Houston

Are you looking for a practical application for using scientific processes? Take science and innovation to the next level by participating in the 30th annual Young Inventor’s Showcase of Houston! You will conduct research, apply your science knowledge, and utilize your innovation and design skills as you create your own invention!

The top winners of your school’s Inventors’ Showcase can apply to the city-wide 30th Annual Young Inventors’ Showcase at the "University of Houston", where you have a chance to win a patent!

The grand prize winner will work with an attorney to potentially receive a patent for their invention.  Previous winners used earnings from marketing their inventions to help pay for college expenses!  Entry in the showcase is free and open to all children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. For “Guidelines” and “Application”, go online to:

And Click on 2018 Showcase Info

The 30th Annual Young Inventors' Showcase is proudly sponsored by the:
University of Houston

Individual applications must be submitted by March 30th, 2018. For school district level winners, applications for the citywide event must be submitted by April 30th, 2018. The citywide competition will be held at the University of Houston, 3657 Cullen Blvd Farish Hall (Bldg 587)Room 101 “Kiva”,
Houston TX 77204-5023
, on May 19, 2018.

For more information on how to host an Inventors’ Showcase at your school or to receive applications for your students or children, contact Greg Micek.

Greg Micek

Max Martin

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